Complaint Policy

Purpose and Objective:

EVA aims to continuously improve the services provided to its customers. Effective complaints management is fundamental to the provision of quality services and provides the channels for obtaining feedback from its customers with the purpose of resolving disputes and reforming policies and procedures. EVA is also committed to comply with the external government authority rules in case of escalation or disputes and reduce the financial and operational impact on the customer.

Policy Statement

EVA through this policy is committed to effectively manage complaints promptly and fairly, ensuring that:

  • Your complaints will be investigated in depth, will be handled in an efficient and effective manner and you will be treated courteously.
  • We will be fair both to you and any employee for whom a complaint may refer to.
  • We will not charge you for making a complaint.
  • We will always observe privacy and confidentiality of any personal data. Any individual involved in the complaint or responsible for the management of the complaint will not participate in the investigation process should there be conflict of interest.
  • Our employees will undergo continuous training on the Complaint Management Policy and will have direct access to related documentation in order to facilitate the effective handling of complaints. Our Board of Directors, management and employees acknowledge your right to file a complaint and are committed to the efficient and fair resolution of complaints or problems that may arise from the services we provide.
  • The complaints management system included in this Policy and internal procedures will be reviewed periodically (at least annually), aiming to enhance the transparency, efficiency and the greatest possible satisfaction of EVA customers. Our Complaints Management Policy will always be available on our website:  

Complaints Procedure/Lodging a Complaint

Who can file a complaint?

Any complaint can be submitted by a customer of EVA Express.

First point of contact

Should you worry about any aspect of the services we offer, your first point of contact should be EVA customer support channel by: calling, email or social media network. Our aim is to promptly resolve any possible issue you might have, prior to your departure.


Complaints procedure steps

We expect from you:

  • To indicate information about your complaint as well as your full contact details
  • To describe your complaint clearly and accurately
  • To be specific with respect to the reasons for which you are filing a complaint
  • To mention your expectations clearly, in regards to the resolution of the issue

Response timeframes in complaints handling

  • Acknowledgement of your complaint immediately via auto-acknowledgment sms or email.
  • Your complaint will be addressed within 7 business days. A relevant response will be sent

Status update request

  • If you wish to request an update at any stage of the complaint investigation, you can do so by calling the consolidated number at any of the EVA communication channels.